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Anna S. Björnsdóttir


Anna Svanhildur Björnsdóttir was born in Reykjavík on November 30, 1948. She grew up in Reykjavík, second of four siblings. Anna finished a teaching diploma in 1969 and then moved to Hólmavík in North Iceland where she lived for two years with her first husband. Anna later moved to Snæfellsnes in West Island with her two sons and stayed there for one year teaching. She worked on as a teacher in Reykjavík, married again and had two more children with her husband, Einar Aðalsteinsson, who passed away in 1998. She has also taught in Húsavík in north Iceland.

Anna started publishing poetry in newspapers and magazines in 1985, and her first book of poetry, Örugglega ég (Definitely Me) appeared in 1988. She has published a number of poetry collections since then, and taken part in numerous poetry happenings in Iceland and abroad, mostly in Scandinavia. Many of her poems have been translated to Danish, Swedish and English, and her book Mens solen stadig er fremme / Meðan sól er enn á lofti (While the Sun is Still Up) came out bilingually in Icelandic and Danish. Her poems have also been published in foreign poetry collections. Anna has been the publisher of most of her books, except Mens solen stadig er fremme which was published by Salka publishing house in 2003. She has been a member of the Icelandic Writer's Association since 1991.