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Bergsveinn Birgisson


Bergsveinn Birgisson was born in 1971 on Eiríksgata, in Reykjavík. He grew up in Kópavogur, later moved to Garðabær and graduated from the Garðabær secondary school in 1991. He studied Icelandic and comparative literature at the University of Iceland and graduated with a bachelor degree in 1997. Bergsveinn received a cand. mag from the University of Oslo in 1999, a magister degree from the University of Björgvin in 2001 and finished his doctorate in Old Norse studies in 2008, also from the University of Björgvin.

His first publication was Íslendingurinn (The Icelander), a book of poetry published in 1992. His second book of poetry, Innrás liljanna (Invasion of the Lilies), was published in 1997 under the self-publishing imprint NYKUR. The year 2003 saw the publication of Bergsveinn's first novel, Landslag er aldrei asnalegt (Landscape is Never Corny), in 2010 came the research-based novel Handbók um hugarfar kúa (A Manual on the Mentality of Cows), and in 2011 the novel Svar við bréfi Helgu (A Reply to Helga's Letter) which was adapted for the stage in 2012. Since then Bergsveinn has published more books and some of his work has been translated into other languages.