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Jón Hjartarson


Jón (Jóhann) Hjartarson was born on January 20, 1942 in Hellissandur. He graduated as a teacher from the Iceland Teacher Training College in 1965, and as an actor from the Drama School of the Reykjavík Theatre Company in 1968. In 1984 Jón studied further for the theatre in Berlin. Jón was for many years contracted by the Reykjavík Theatre Company, and has played a large nunmber of diverse roles. He has also acted with a number of theatre groups, such as Gríma (Mask), Litla leikfélagið (The Little Drama-Company), Litla leikhúsið (The Little Theatre), Annað fólk (Other People), to name a few. Furthermore he has a role in several Icelandic films, as well as many television- and radio-plays.

Jón Hjartarson has written a number of plays for children and adults, as well as writing books for children and teenagers. His first play, Afmælisveislan (The Birthday Party), dates from 1969. He adapted Kristín Marja Baldursdóttir’s novel, Mávahlátur (Seagull’s Laughter) for the stage, and it premiered at the Reykjavík City Theatre in 1998. Jón has directed his own plays and those by others at professional theatres and for amateur groups. He has also written various programs and shows for assosiations and institutions, as well as writing a myriad of comedy programs, talk-programs and essays.