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Ingunn Snædal


Ingunn Snædal was born in East-Iceland in 1971. She graduated from The Iceland University College of Education in 1996, studied Irish at NUIG in Ireland from 1996-97 and Icelandic studies from 2006-08. She has lived in a number of places outside Iceland, such as Ireland, Denmark, Spain, Costa Rica, and Mexico. In Iceland, Ingunn has worked as a teacher, a proof-reader, a cook on a road-construction team, a waitress, a petrol station attendant, a delivery girl, a mailman, a seasonal worker at herring fishing, a cleaner, a copywriter and a private tutor on top of her writing.

Ingunn’s first book of poetry, Á heitu malbiki (On Hot Asphalt), was published in 1995. Since then she has published more poetry books. The first, Guðlausir menn – hugleiðingar um jökulvatn og ást (Godless People – Thoughts on Glacial Water and Love) won Reykjavík City’s poetry award in 2006 and was also nominated for The Icelandic Literature Prize. Her third book, Komin til að vera, nóttin (Here to Stay, the Night) received the Icelandic Women´s Literary Prize in 2010. Ingunn's poems have been published in collections in Iceland and abroad, and translated into other languaes, such as English, Swedish, Turkish and German. In addition to writing poetry, Ingunn works as a translator of literature.