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Bjarni Bjarnason


Bjarni Bjarnason was born in Reykjavík on November 9, 1965. He lived abroad while growing up, but started publishing poetry in Icelandic newspapers and magazines as a teenager. He also wrote a play at the age of twenty that was staged by an amateur theater group in Iceland. In 1989 Bjarni sent forward his first book of poetry, Upphafið (The Beginning) and later that year his book, Ótal kraftaverk (Countless Miracles) which contains prose poems, appeared. Since then, Bjarni has published other poetry collections, short stories and novels. He has also written a collection of one-act plays, called Dagurinn í dag (This Current Day).

Bjarni's second novel, Endurkoma Maríu (Maria's Return) was nominated for the Icelandic Literature Prize in 1996 and two years later he received the Tómas Guðmundsson Award for the novel, Borgin bak við orðin (The City Behind the Words). Bjarni has also received a short story award from the Icelandic Broadcasting Service and his novel, Mannætukonan og maður hennar (The Cannibal Lady and her Man) won the Halldór Laxness Literature Award in 2001. Bjarni was one of the founders of the literary magazine Andblær, a magazine that focused on writings by young authors.